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Coolest Projects Sofia 2.0



A free tech event for the world’s youngest innovators, creators and entrepreneurs

Sofia @
Telerik Academy
12 May 2018
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Coolest Projects Sofia 2.0

Future creators, innovators and entrepreneurs
12 May 2018
10:00 - 15:30 

Coolest Projects Sofia 2.0 is the second edition of the only technological event for children in Bulgaria, where every child is rewarded for the efforts and dedication they have invested in the development of their projects.



Coolest Projects Sofia 2.0 is organized by CoderDojo Bulgaria, the Digital National Alliance

and a team of volunteers based on the model of Coolest Projects Awards in Dublin, with the support of CoderDojo Foundation, Foundation Telerik Academy and the Embassy of Ireland in Bulgaria.



Coolest Projects Sofia aims to support and inspire the new generation of innovators, creators and entrepreneurs aged 7-17



The event enables the children from CoderDojo Bulgaria to extend their knowledge acquired in

the Dojo workshops while developing and presenting their projects. Of course, there are rewards too!



We at CoderDojo want to contribute globally to the creation of a generation of digital artists, inventors and entrepreneurs. We strive to create an environment that inspires young people to create, help them develop valuable skills for the future and stimulate their innovative thinking

and entrepreneurial talents.



But the most important thing for CoderDojo Bulgaria is to have fun with technology!


Who are the winners of Coolest Projects Sofia 1.0 see here and the pictures are here! :)

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12 May 2018 / Saturday / 10:00 to 15:30


@Telerik Academy /bul. Al. Malinov 31, Sofia, Bulgaria /


One-day technology event for children aged 7 to 17 and their parents, which includes a projects presentations, competition and workshops.

Who can participate?

Any child visiting a Dojo club in Bulgaria can join the event after pre-registration. Children will present their tech projects and compete for prizes.

Organized by

CoderDojo Bulgaria and the Digital National Alliance

Supported by CoderDojo Foundation, Foundation Telerik Academy and Irish Embassy in Bulgaria.

Project Registration


We invite every child from CoderDojo to sign up here and submit a project that has been developed with Scratch, HTML, Hardware, and more.

The goal is to support all children on their journey to explore technology, to encourage them to continue and to praise them how well they have done. The jury will also appreciate the best projects and everyone will receive awards.

It is not necessary the projects to be completed or complicated. 

Our children are incredible and we want to support and encourage them for having ideas, implementing and presenting them.



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Supported the new generation of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs

Grab the most exciting opportunity and support the new generation of digital creators, innovators and entrepreneurs!

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10:00     Registration


10:40    Opening and competition


13:00    Lunch


13:30    Parallel Workshop



             STEAM with CoderDojo

             Mental arithmetic


             How to make animation

             3D printing


15:00    Awards


15:30    Closing

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