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Sofia @ Telerik Academy
1 April 2017
Supported by Embassy of Ireland in Bulgaria

Coolest Projects Sofia



A free tech event for the world’s youngest innovators, creators and entrepreneurs

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Coolest Projects Sofia


Next digital creators, innovators and entrepreneurs
1 April 2017
09:30 - 16:00 

One of a kind tech event for kids in Bulgaria, organised by CoderDojo Bulgaria, Telerik Academy, DNA and team of volunteers, inspired by Coolest Projects Award in Dublin.  

Coolest Projects Sofia aims to support and inspire the new generation of creators, developers and entrepreneurs ages 6-18.

The event helps our CoderDojo students expand and augment their skills acquired within the on-going CoderDojo workshops, while developing and presenting their projects and winning great awards.

All other children with interest in technology, can join, participate in the workshops and check out the projects.

At Coder Dojo we want to contribute globally in order to create a generation a generation of digital creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.   Our ultimate goal is to create an environment, that inspires the young people to be creative, have innovative thinking and develop their entrepreneurship skills. 

But what we consider most important is to have fun with digital technologies.

BG Event info

Event Info


1 April 2017/ Saturday/ At 9:30 a.m.


@Telerik Academy /31 Alexander Malinov blvd. Sofia, Bulgaria/


One day unique technology oriented competition and exhibition for kids ages 6-18  and their parents.


For whom?

All kids and parents are welcome to register, attend the exhibition and participate in the workshops. Access is free bur requires registration.

 Kids from CoderDojo will present their cool projects and  compete for special awards.

Organized by

Coolest Projects Sofia is organised by CoderDojo Bulgaria, Telerik Academy, DNA and team of volunteers


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Supporters of the generation that will challenge and define the future of IT

Join the most exciting opportunity to support the next generation of digital creators, innovators and entrepreneurs

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The registration for CoderDojo ninjas - closed

The registration for kids and their parents - visitors

BG Registration
BG Program


For CoderDojo Kids

9:30      Registration


10:30    Opening and competition


12:30    Lunch break


13:30    Workshops


15:00    Awarding 


15:30    Closing

For Visitors

13:00     Registration


13:30     Workshops and Stands


      Innovation for kids workshop  – Innovation Starter Box

      Dance Puzzle  – Taratanci

      Exponential  Technology – SingularityU Sofia

      Coding workshop  - CoderDojo

      Makey makey workshop – Makey Makey

      Learn about CoderDojo – CoderDojo Bulgaria

      Star Wars - VMware workshop

      Virtual reality - VR Express

      Open stage – CoderDojo Kids


15:30    Closing

Workshops and Halls

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